Crete, Greece

This has been our hottest trip to date, 104 F/ 40 C!! We didn’t realize it when we booked our tickets but we arrived in Chania during one of the season’s warmest weekends. Thankfully we were within walking distance of the beach and our hotel also had a lovely pool and access to a private bay.

Coming from cloudy and damp England, our first day was spent outside, soaking up sun and our attempts at getting a “base tan.” The Mr. and I checked into our hotel and swam poolside until dinner time which was pork and chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce and bread.  The next day, we continued living in our fool’s paradise by walking what seemed like forever (the Mr. Claims it was only a 15 min walk) to the beach after breakfast.  It was already 90 degrees around 9am and it just kept getting hotter and hotter as the day went on.  The view at Kalathas beach looked surreal with different shades of blue that one only thinks can exist in paintings. We also rented some beach chairs because the sand became unbearably hot and we ended up spending 5 hours there.  The walk home was a bit treacherous, as many cars had piled up (Greeks take parking laws… as suggestions let us say) on both sides of a windy, narrow road that curved back and forth up a hill.  This area is not known for its sidewalks nor shaded areas, so the sun was beating down hard on our backs and shoulders. (Again, the Mr. Claims it was ONLY 15 minutes)

On Sunday, we originally were planning to head into downtown Chania. Serendipitously, our friends the Poloa family texted us and let us know about their plans to visit Kalathas again. We hopped on the chance to align our plans and spent the morning with them there.  Their daughter Maddie spent most of her time splashing water on us with her alligator squirter and playing water frisbee which she calls her “hula hoop.”  We hadn’t planned on another beach day but it was a great way to hang with friends and beat the heat again.

Later that evening we finally managed to make it downtown by bus. The ride was air conditioned which I was very thankful for and we just walked around looking at all of the tourist shops. The Mr. took me to what he nicknamed “leather alley” where the smell of leather permeated the air. I saw bags, jackets, and shoes galore. We found a baseball hat for my dad, a bracelet for my sister and a leather belt for me. Then we stopped by a random watering hole tucked in the wall of a museum named COME and had a few drinks and peanuts. I don’t know how these Greeks deal with this heat, even with frequent stops we made for ice cream, iced coffee and water. I loved watching the sunsets from our window, the delicious food, pleasant, helpful locals, and gorgeous waters.  I hope to return back here later in the season when there’s more wind (etasian) and maybe my own boat next time lol.

-the tan bunnyFullSizeRender (23)


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