Porto Pt. 2

Bom dia 🙂

Another thing we’ve started since Glasgow is riding on the Hop On, Hop Off (HOHO) bus. I know there are some travel purists who don’t like to do these “tourist trap” things, but it works for us and it’s a good break from walking around, especially with backpacks on.  This time, we were able to take it all the way to the beach and back and then across the Ponte Luis to Gaia and back to city center again. We also realized from the bus that Porto is more intimate and wrapped around than we originally realized. We passed different sites multiple times and walked up a lot of hills and cobblestone streets. I reckon the locals must have ankles and thighs of steel.  These steep roads could give San Francisco a run for its money. Also, Porto has an operating cable car that is 145 years old.


Sunday was a down day for us since a lot of shops and sites were closed. Thankfully, the HOHO bus was still operating so we got to visit the seaside, see a trippy exhibit in an art museum and read books at the semi-famous Livraria Lello, an old bookstore that inspired J. K. Rowling to write the Harry Potter books. 


Another adventurous thing we did was order “freestyle” sushi at this resto called “Bela Cruz” where we let the chef do his thing on our order.  The waitress told us that the chef was grateful for patrons who were willing to let him experiment with the sushi orders. Not only this, but he had noticed our “Asian-ness” and wanted to impress us with his sushi prowess. He really knew what he was doing and also gave us a complimentary ceviche, pictured here. 

Monday was another chill day but we still saw some more sites and ate more pasteles de nata! Highlights included: hot chocolate drink so thick we could eat it paired with a decadent carrot cake, soaking up the sun on the top deck of the HOHO bus and visiting a huge open-air market in the middle of Bolhão. 

A short list of my favorite Portuguese things :

-Super Bock (beer) is awesome. 5% alcohol, 95% awesome. It’s a perfect, refreshing light beer and pairs great with fried food, sushi and toasted sandwiches.

-I could eat pasteles de nata for breakfast everyday if I lived here 

-The Mr. is a lightweight as evidenced by a jar of sangria we had

-The word “no” in Portuguese is não. Their word “no” means “in” in English.

-I’m obsessed with Portuguese azulejos (painted blue tiles).


-Freestyle sushi is my new favorite way to order Japanese food.

Here’s a few more of my best shots from our funky, fresh weekend in Porto.

Wanting to go back again,

the tan bunny ❤


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