Porto Pt. 1

Olá desde Portugal.

I think this has been our best mini Europe trip to date. First, we were blessed with good weather. Our Airbnb host said we were pretty lucky because Porto is usually cloudy and overcast. Second, we were blessed with some pretty delicious eats and accommodating people.  I suggest you read this post on a full stomach, since there is suggestive food porn posted below and in the next post too. Hungry reader, you’ve been warned.

I tried to learn some basic Portuguese for this trip but defaulted to Spanish when I needed it. I’m glad that I did because the people at border control didn’t speak any English. Between the Mr. and me, we got it sorted out.  It must’ve seemed funny to this guy, who was receiving a whole plane of English speakers, but definitely made me sweat through my linguistic armpits.

We arrived around lunch time on Saturday, anxious to sink our teeth into some authentic Portuguese cuisine.  Our first stop was at the Confitería de Bolhão, which we would end up visiting three more times before returning home.  We tried an assortment of baked goods: rossois do camarao (shrimp empanada), de Chaves, and the long-awaited pasteles de nata. The rossois were really creamy and well-blended shrimp with a flaky crust. Those pasteles de nata were sold all over the place,  but Confiteria did it best. It’s basically like the Chinese don tat (egg custard) but with a bouncy shell. 

Our mid -afternoon lunch was at a place with the line out the door called “Casa Guedes”.  This mom and pop shop had a vintage feel, with a small glass counter shielding a freshly-made pork roast.  No sauce, no dressing needed. This pulled pork sandwich was the bomb dot com. 

Then we wandered around the city to see the São Bento train station and the Sé Cathedral until dinner at a hip happening place called “Flow.”


I made the reservations online beforehand and wrote them a special request to be filled out at dinner. The Mr. had no idea what my crafty self had done until our waitress showed up with the dessert plate that said “Te amo mucho” on it written in toffee sauce. I did the same thing for Valentine’s two years ago, guess I’m going to make this a tradition of sorts.  Below are the tiger prawns and my spageti nero from dinner.



Missing the sunlight already as I write this,

the tan bunny ❤


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