Great Yarmouth

Hola, everyone.

Here’s the latest “local” travel update finally coming in after a month queuing in my phone.  One of these random three day weekends, we decided to check out Great Yarmouth, a beach town about an hour and change drive away from our place.  We called up some friends and went on a small adventure.  It ended up being a pretty cold and windy day, but of course, wound up on the beach, throwing rocks and skimming stones.  I haven’t been to the beach while in the UK, so it was interesting to see the Atlantic Ocean from the other side. I didn’t dare to put my toes in for fear of not being able to get them out, but searching for the diamond in the rough pebbles was fun.

We spent most of our day at the aquarium, feeding fish and watching sharks have lunch in a giant tank with a Medusa statue and a cool bubble machine activated by the impulses of children and curious adults.  As usual, I found myself entranced by the jellyfish and sad to see the penguins after recently watching the movie Happy Feet.  Don’t even get me started on Finding Nemo and the strange push and pull that come between my love of sushi and fighting wrongful imprisonment..specifically of aquatic life in this case.  


Here are some of the highlights from the day.


Feeling torn,

thetanbunny ❤


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