Christmas in London

Hi again.

I have some serious catching up to do, writing about Christmas in February of all things.  We were blessed to have visitors this past holiday season, Jon and Kat flew in from the States and spent Christmas time in London before flying back to work for the New Year.  I was heavily involved in the research this time, looking for fun and festive things to do with them while we stayed in Holborne.  I definitely wanted to hit up as many Christmas markets as possible as well as the festive stands selling mulled wine, pies and seasonal treats.  I liked the area where our Airbnb was located as well, it was within walking distance of a metro stop but quiet and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Here’s a few pictures of our adventures. We visited Covent Garden and Hyde Park


This was the pub around the corner from our Airbnb:


Here’s a few random shots of things we ate and drank (Chicken Katsu @ 6GBP for this huge serving, Dim Sum from PingPong, & alcoholic bubble tea from Bubbleology, mine was passion fruit and Malibu rum…super sweet)

The spiciest Korean food we’ve all had in our lives…not pictured: our tears


Random tourist shots

Will be writing again soon hopefully,


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