Glasgow, Scotland

Hello friends and family.

I apologize for being away on hiatus for so long.  I have recently started up my Masters Degree in Human Relations and am focusing more of my time and effort on that.  It’s involved reading more than I care to share about social policy and inequalities, as well as researching and writing about social problems.  I aspire to become a guidance counselor with the help of this degree and am learning plenty of relevant issues that can affect my student’s lives and well-being the in the future.  I probably should’ve posted back when we actually took this trip in November, but please excuse me if my memory is a little spotty.  

After reading about the beautiful, annual fireworks display in one of my UK travel books, we soon found ourselves with an Airbnb room in a penthouse apartment a few blocks from the City Centre.  Our host was gracious and thoughtful; we also learned in our stay that we had been missing a new level of luxury in our lives: heated mattresses and heated towel racks.  We were so inspired that we ordered a heated mat to put under our sheets once we returned home and still use it; it’s lovely to be wrapped under a toasty comforter when it’s actually freezing or below freezing outside.

It was nice to visit for the fireworks and we were able to see them from the comfort of the indoors of our apartment.  It would also have been nice, however, to have purchased tickets to see the event close-up in the main plaza.  I learned that the event is so popular that people who are interested in going aren’t guaranteed entry, instead they are placed into a lottery.  The locals have a maximum capacity and there’s also a non-local attendee cap as well.  After the online portal closes, all the people who make the cut are entered into a randomized lottery and a computer server chooses who is allowed to attend.  

We tried to squeeze in as many parts of Glasgow as we could in the three days that we were there.  Some of the major things we did were our first Hop On, Hop Off bus which brought us all around the city and helped us get to the major sites on the other side of town, all you can eat Brazilian buffet pictured below and eating at all the major pubs in Glasgow. I didn’t know that the HOHO buses offered such a cool perspective of the city, lots of background information about the major sites and an at-pace tour guide, also available in different languages.  I look forward to trying one out in our next big city adventure.

For anyone who has yet to have visited, I would highly recommend Edinburgh over Glasgow.  Though this city is beautiful and has an established Glaswegian culture, there are way more things to do and sites to see in Edinburgh; there’s more nightlife, cultural events and a larger variety of food to try.  

Here are a couple highlights of the awesome foods we tried:

The Mr. picking out some fancy Turkish delights


My first Sunday roast and a sushi lunch


All you can eat Brazilian buffet…ate the meat a bit too quickly to catch it on my phone


1 of 2 buckets of mussels

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Some random shots of the GOMA


Hope you enjoyed my pictures and my little entry.

Until next time,



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