York, England

On our road trip up to Edinburgh, we passed through the stunning city of York.  The rain seemed to be following us all weekend and this little pit stop was no exception.  We were able to walk around the wall that surrounded the city, but soon afterwards, we were met with some hard rain.  Here’s a quick run through of the things we were able to do in our short time there:

  • Richard III experience:  After finding a nearby car park, we climbed a tight tower to purchase tickets for this museum.   We bought them for the Medieval Pass, which are good for up to a year for us to visit again if we would like.  I’m glad we did because we were only able to visit the portions in the upstairs room that featured Richard III, his life and his short reign.  Supposedly on the other side of the wall, a short 20 minute walk away, we would have been able to see the full experience with actors.  We were, however, short on time, so I guess that means we will be visiting York again soon before our tickets expire.  I also got to try on some medieval helmets; they were super heavy!  I can hardly imagine what it would be like to have to wear a complete suit of armor.  One thing I did learn was that the average soldier would most likely be wearing his everyday clothing, as few could afford to have head to toe protection.
  • After the museum visit and walking the wall for 15-20 minutes, we found ourselves in need of a snack.  We meandered down the street, found a couple of bookstores and then a cute ice cream shop.  I picked peach because it sounded the fruitiest, Rose picked chocolate, and the hubby and Carmen picked bubble gum and it was blue!


  • One of our last stops in York was the Evil Eye pub.  We didn’t have any pictures because our trip was short-lived.  It was a race against time: our bartender versus our car park metered ticket.  We found out that this place had Indian/ Asian cuisine, an entire menu dedicated to Gin and Tonic recipes, and a very diverse cocktail menu.  Needless to say, we will be swinging back through again; our drinks were delicious and I can’t wait to try more 🙂

Those drinks definitely won’t be our last in this picturesque city.

Catch you later, York.

the tan bunny ❤



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