Bath, England

I’m out of chronological order with this entry, it should be in between Malta and Ibiza.  It does however, kind of fit in with my other UK posts: Birmingham, Wales and Scotland so here it is.

We took a quick day-trip to Bath, a city that was once part of the Roman Empire and better known as Aquae Sulis.  After a three hour bus ride, we were glad to finally arrive at the baths, and guided ourselves around the museum, using our audio tour guides.  The building was pretty packed, as little had changed in terms of hallways and crawl spaces that had been erected around the ancient baths themselves.

The structures in these photos were built in the late 19th century, but the underground portions date back to the Roman Empire. We were told not to drink the water due to the high concentrations of sodium, calcium, chloride and sulfate; and the historians have basically left the water that they discovered there untouched.  As a lover of old things, I really admire how well buildings and such are preserved here in England. As a modern-day tourist, however, I was hoping there would be more to see or do at the museum.  There were some interactive parts of the exhibit, like the pulley system used to build the baths themselves around the natural springs as G is pictured below:
We spent a bulk of our day walking through the museums (see below also) and the second half involved going through the newer parts of town, exploring the shops and finding some local eats.  We had ourselves the lunch special at a nice, second-floor Indian place. The decorations were really unique with huge murals on the walls; food was average, sorry for not having any pictures.  I think we ate it too quickly to have a photo shoot beforehand.
After lunch, we hit up the Jane Austen house to learn more about her life and also as a break from walking around.  It was interesting to hear about how much Bath and the other places she lived impacted her writing.  We also were able to try on some period clothing. Here’s a shot of Carmen and me wearing traditional bonnets and period dresses.
Looking back at it now, I think there are way more places to explore in Bath, but we had a shortened amount of time because we rode in a large tour bus.  I hope we can go back for a longer weekend and definitely try more places to eat.
Tata for now,
the tan bunny ❤

One thought on “Bath, England

  1. Just wanted to say how much I liked this post.
    At first I was confused when you said there was you and another person in the last photo as I saw three people, then realised one of them wasn’t real…

    If you are interested at all, I recently published a post on my own day trip to Bath and would appreciate any feedback on it you might have –

    Happy Blogging 🙂

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