Birmingham, England

We had planned to go to this city back in November/ December for its lovely markets, but because of logistics and other trips, we never made it out to Birmingham.  We were in for a lovely surprise when we found out there was quite an established Chinese population and of course, dim sum!   Since our visit was on a weekday, we were able to take advantage of the lunch deal here at Chung Ying.  It was a lovely way to start our short but awesome visit to this big city.

After lunch we wandered around a bit to see what other cool things we could find.  Our major discovery was the Library of Birmingham which has made its way as one of the many beautiful libraries in the world.  Here are a few shots of it from outside and in; we were also able to walk around the Shakespeare exhibit.

On our way back down from Wales, we were also able to make another stop into Birmingham and visit Aston Hall, which was a beautiful Jacobean mansion house built between 1816 and 1835 for Sir Thomas Holte. It  was wonderfully preserved with its elegant and ornate ceilings, art and staircases and as we learned from the tour guides, potentially haunted.   Due to the high volume of people that once served and lived in the Hall, there is said to be a servant boy who stole bread and was so afraid of Holte that he hung himself. Another ghost is said to be that of a cook that was murdered in the kitchen and still lurks in the servants’ quarters.  In addition to ghosts, the mansion is still surrounded by 50 acres of land, along with a beautiful garden, which is pictured below.


Still not over the beauty of that house, it’s definitely put some interior decorating wheels into motion.  I love those ceilings and that fireplace. One day, I also hope to have a garden that gorgeous.

Birmingham, maybe I’ll see you for Christmas?


the tan bunny ❤




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