Murano & Burano

The second half of our long weekend in Venice involved riding on a vaporetto (water taxi). They basically function as the mass transit or bus system in Venice and are really reliable. We purchased our one-day unlimited ride tickets for 20 euros per person and it was completely worthwhile.   We were able to travel to two other islands: Murano, which is most famous for its hand-blown glass and Burano, which is famous for its particularly colored houses and hand-crafted lace.

I don’t have many images of Murano since there weren’t any stores that really allowed pictures.  We did get to stop at a glass outlet, where a glass-maker was using his annealing oven to make a set of drinking cups.   We couldn’t take any pictures or videos there either.  I did manage to get two decent pictures on the island: one of glass flowers sitting on someone’s balcony and these tiny fruits, vegetables and candies made of glass.

After a little bit of Googling, we discovered how Burano is able to maintain its beautiful landscape of colored houses. There are actually local laws dictating what colors houses in certain locations can be painted.  If an owner wants to change his/her house color, then it must be approved to fit the color regulations.  It was really interesting just walking down the streets and seeing different shades of blues, reds, yellows, and greens.  My favorite house was this bright teal one, mostly because of the potted flowers in front:


Here’s a shot of one canal. My hubby is wearing the bright green backpack in the background:


We also were able to visit an unofficial lace museum in the Emilia Burano store.   Unlike many of the tourist store fronts in the rest of town, the price tags in this store were way over our budget.  Their museum featured very intricate designs and special pieces: tablecloths, bed linens, wall hangings shaped like the Virgin Mary, and other beautifully complicated and labor-intensive things that I could only bring myself to take pictures of and not touch.  One example was this oyster shell made of lace:


I hope to be back to Italy again sometime in the near future so I can hit up more islands near Venice or the Amalfi Coast.

We’re off to the Highlands tomorrow.  Wish us some luck, we’ll be driving the whole way there.

Talk soon,

the tan bunny ❤





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