Palma De Mallorca

Here’s a post about G’s first trip to Spain and my second trip.  We had our long weekend getaway back in December but he still talks about it like it happened yesterday. He’s basically become a travel agent for the tiny but awesome island.  We went for a weekend before Christmas with our friends Carmen and Daniel.  We were fortunate to have booked a penthouse apartment in the center of the city. The stairs were pretty steep and no elevator, but definitely worth the sacrifice given how central to Everything we were 🙂 

A slight difference between this Spain experience and the last is that the local language is: Catalan and I learned Castellano in school. Everyone understood me pretty easily but the signs were in the local language as well which sometimes got confusing. One example is they had signs for merry Christmas all over that said: but in Castillian it’s Feliz Navidad.  Also it’s the first time G has seen me use my Spanish knowledge in an authentic context, needless to say he was pretty impressed 🙂IMG_3531.JPG

My first memory of Palma was pulling into the town after dusk and everything was lit up for Christmas. Their cathedral was fully illuminated from the outside and gorgeous as well as all the decorations that still lined the streets for Christmas. It was fun to see how they prepared for the holiday and all the shop windows were made up as well.  I think it’ll be a nice idea to visit different countries during this time.  It’s pretty magical 🙂IMG_3477.JPG

Our next memory involved getting our rental mini SUV into the tight parking garage which was in the basement.  Our car was about the size of a Honda CRV but the major issue was that there were about 12 weight bearing poles in the small space, which made maneuvering very difficult.  In hindsight, we could have taken the bus everywhere. Their system was affordable, reliable and really efficient. 1.50€ for most one way trips which was awesome!

The best memories I have were walking around the area, looking for good places to eat. Let me just say, that no one does churros better than street vendors in Spain. I haven’t had the real deal in over 5 years and getting to have them again was a real treat. There’s something about freshly cut and fried churros, covered in sugar and melted chocolate.  G loves them and when we keep trying to find “real” ones, nothing really compares.

Another delicious food memory was when we visited the most highly ranked seafood restaurant where we had authentic paella and white wine sangria. There was a good variety of mussels, shrimp and assorted veggies that made the paella melt in our mouths. We had to walk across town to get there because there weren’t busses to get there. All I can say is that the walk was definitely worth it.  IMG_3486.JPG

Also tapas!!! No Spain trip would be complete without it. We went to Bar Día as recommended by our apartment owner. The waitress greeted us and after she took our order warned us that we had ordered a lot. After being used to tapas from Mediterra and a place we had been in Bury, we thought we ordered just enough. Too prideful to admit defeat, we ate a lot more tapas than we wanted to just to prove our waitress wrong. We also got sangria which was delicious !!! We also tried the local hierba which was an oil like drink that was supposed to cleanse the palette and help with digestion. G loved it for its liquid licorice smoothness. I on the other hand didn’t, so he got two cups at the end of the dinner.  We ate it so quickly, that we didn’t even have time to snap pics.

Another exciting place we went was Magaluf, the local tourist-y beach area. Since we went in early December, the beach was uncrowded and I got to dip my feet in the Mediterranean for the first time.  Pretty cold but still gorgeous water!  Here’s a couple shots of our shenanigans.




The following day, we decided to do our own exploring. Carmen and Daniel went to the local aquarium which was close to the airport. We decided to visit the local fortress.  We took a long bus ride and then had a little hike up hill. Thankfully there were stairs already there, which made the trek easier.  On our way up we ran into a local running group that was practicing sprints up and down the steep stairs. I admire them for their dedication but was thankful that I hadn’t signed up for the extreme leg exercise.



Once we got to the top, there were three different levels of the castle. We walked around the bottom level, taking pictures of the landscape views. I took a couple of panoramic shots. The interior was a museum that showed the history of the Castellar.  The best part was when we got to the top of the tower, which was built completely in the round.  We could see all sides of the fort and knew why it was such a valuable lookout point to keep the island protected back in the day when it was a major port for Spain.

Overall, I loved how much seafood we were able to have in such a short time, even a seafood pizza!!


Who knew that mussels and shrimp could work so well as a pizza topping ? I’m glad we were able to visit even in the down season. Everyone was really nice and I can’t wait to go back.

Happily full of seafood,

the tan bunny ❤


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