London Trip

No friend visit would be complete without a trip to the heart of England itself, London town.  We went in search of a wonderful dim sum place, which sadly was closed down for renovation.   The Mr. had done enough research prior to our departure and we found ourselves rubbing elbows with some uptown folks, dining on dim sum in a very upscale night club-esque restaurant called, “Yua Tcha.”   Here are a few pictures of our spread:

It was a brisk day, but thankfully we didn’t encounter any rain.  We got to see a few touristy sites, like the Buckingham Palace, London Eye and Big Ben.  There was quite a line that day for the Eye, so we will have to schedule that for another day.  Without the London fog, we were able to see a lot on the skyline and enjoy our time eating at the open market.

I hope to return to Camdentown sometime in the near future.  It’s a really edgy place that reminds me of Lambertville, NJ/ New Hope, PA area.  Lots of good food to be eaten and interesting, artsy things to see.  Gonna go digest all the great dim sum we had.



the tan bunny ❤


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