Framlingham Castle


We visited our second English Heritage site this weekend : Framlingham Castle.  It’s a 12th century fortress in Suffolk and within its walls Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England.  It has passed hands through many families and has seen many events in England like the Black Death and has been a poorhouse.  During our visit, we were able to take a long walk along the high castle walls overlooking the surrounding land.

It was interesting to judge my own height (5’1”) next to the height of the doorways, which were really narrow and had a low head clearance.   Each of the little holes to protect archers from incoming arrows were very small indents in the wall and they probably had to shoot blindly at their enemies.

My favorite feature on this castle were the red brick Tudor chimneys.  There are only a few left but they had very distinct designs and were placed on top to “crown” the castle, purely decorative for the most part.  The only one that was actually used as a chimney is pictured above.

Sorry this one is posted (2 months) after the fact, I forgot it was sitting here in my rough drafts waiting to be posted.  Ta-ta for now from the Tudor castle.

-the tan bunny ❤

PS. Ed Sheeran (a Framlingham native) just recently released a song called “A Castle on the Hill” which he calls his “love song for Suffolk.” This just confirms my love for his work and his awesomeness.


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