Ely Cathedral

Another place that Lauren and I were able to visit was only about 15 minutes drive from Willow Cottage.  It’s called the Ely Cathedral and is actually the place where a part of the movie “A King’s Speech” was filmed.  It’s a beautiful cathedral and we were able to see the last tour of the day into the Northern tower.  We learned much about how the church had evolved from a Roman-inspired architecture that was had beautifully hand-painted arches which were then hand-washed and bleached during the beginning of the Protestant takeover in the 1500s.  We were able to go to the top of the North Tower with a small group of people and see the church from a new perspective.  We were allowed to open the doors above the altar where monks used to sing hymns and chant above the clergy during mass.  Here’s a few shots of sights we saw 100 ft. from the bottom floor of the cathedral.



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