Mildenhall Museum

After having lunch on base, Niecey and I came across the Mildenhall Museum.  It was free to enter and ran purely on donations.  They had a bunch of older artifacts dating back to the Roman times (which we weren’t allowed to take pictures of), and the exhibits were very children-friendly.  There were medieval-inspired costumes and trivia questions with games and of course, I had to try them all.  We also saw the evolution of the English household and they even had this bubble television from the WWII era. It was very interesting to see how the kitchen worked from a fireplace to a iron stove to the modern day set-up as well as the entire room reserved for making dairy in the home straight from cow’s milk to the I Can’t Believe it’s not butter containers we have now.  I left that museum feeling very thankful for modern conveniences and the lack of hard manual labor that it used to take to run a home.

Pure silver dish. Made to depict the gods with Hercules in the center
Vintage television
WWII kitchen set-up
Colonial era kitchen
Vintage washboards and “washing machine”




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