Newmarket adventures

Up until today, all I knew of Newmarket, besides its history as a world-renowned horse-racing town, was its Waitrose, a local supermarket.  Also the Mr. is enamored with this place, partly because it is so close by to our village as well as his closest friends at work live there.  He mentioned going to various pubs in town while he was here by himself, but being me, I picked the local Thai place.  As we walked into the restaurant, the maitre’d asked us if we had booked (or made a reservation), and being new to everything, we hadn’t.  As luck would have it though, we managed to beat another couple to the last free table available.   It seemed like a double win for us;  when we arrived at the car park (parking lot), we pulled in right after parking was free.

We had a delicious dinner.  He had the Drunken Noodles, which he rated at a 7.5.   I had the Seafood Penang Special which was squid and prawns (shrimp) in curry sauce.  I knew I was in the right place when the curry touched my tongue, a little bit of smoke and a whole lot of flavor.  The ambiance was low-key and modern, with touches of aubergine (eggplant purple) all over the restaurant.   Here’s some pictures from my side of the table:

IMG_2418 IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_2423

Remember to the beginning of this post, when I mentioned our double win?  Well, let’s just say it also included a photo finish. The Mr. remembered around 6:55PM that the car park actually shuts down or closes its gates at 7PM.  We basically skipped dessert and had to sprint to our car so that we wouldn’t get locked in overnight.  What’s even worse is that there was a meter maid or in our case, a meter man who was waiting at the gate for us.  As soon as got to our car, we whipped out of the spot, only to be cornered by a one way sign and had to turn around. Thankfully, we didn’t get locked in by the timed gates that menacingly lowered as we pulled out of the lot.  Travel lesson learned:  always check the closures times for car parks so your car doesn’t get trapped overnight or towed or booted.

Full of Thai food,

the tan bunny ❤


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