English breakfast

After many days of passing right by it on our way home from base, we decided that today was the day for trying out one of our local restaurants with a beautiful outdoor seating area.  It was quite sunny today and a perfect light for brunch at our local Bed and Breakfast for a typical English breakfast.  We ordered two different platters: the Mr. had the English breakfast of blood pudding, sausage, sunny-side up egg, bacon, tomato, mushroom and hashbrown.  I had the “A Bit Posh” platter which was simply a salmon fillet on top of scrambled eggs and toast.  We enjoyed picking off each other’s plates and even experimenting with some things that are what I call “purely British.”  I sampled for the first time blood pudding and Marmite.  Blood pudding is a traditional food made of pork blood, most typically served in Ireland and Scotland as well as England.  This black or blood pudding tasted pretty good, not game-y at all and I enjoyed it.  I also sampled on my toast a bit of Marmite or a vegetarian -friendly yeast extract.  This spread, deceivingly sold in a small jar, was extremely salty.  I don’t know how the British people carry on eating it, but I was unable to digest it. The Mr. had a big bite and then immediately followed it with some baked beans from his plate.  It was good to experience it, but the smell and taste combined really did me in.  I think it’s accurate to say that I won’t be having it again.

Another thing worthy of mention here from our menu is that Brits love having “free-range” eggs. From what the Mr. tells me, these hens get to roam around free on the farm for at least part of the day versus other chickens that are stuck in the coop all day.  Supposedly, these chickens are healthier or lay stronger eggs; as for me, that part remains to be seen in the flesh or the feather.  Also, we had our coffee today with free trade sugar.  I like how Britain is constantly reminding its citizens that we are part of a global economy, paying it forward and what not.  It’s easy to be stuck and island like this one and forget that we are small pixels that collectively make  bigger picture. Here are a few images of our breakfast adventures of the day:

IMG_2406 IMG_2412 IMG_2414


the tan bunny ❤


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