Bury St. Edmunds

I have only recently discovered a place that reminds me of Princeton from back home – a place called Bury.  This town is constantly bustling with all of its shops and restaurants and cafes as well as my new friends, Arnice and Carl who have recently settled down there. I’m pretty sure I’ll be visiting them often, trying to find new places and restaurants to frequent.  The town also hosts weekly farmers’ markets where an array of local fruits, vegetables, meats and goods can be purchased at bargain prices but at organic and free-range sorts.  It’s fun to walk around the area and try local eats and smells. I’ll definitely update this post from time to time.  Here is our most recent visit to the area, we went to the Abbey Gardens where we could see the church as well as the flowers that are really well-kept.  During our most recent walk through, three different sets of wedding parties were walking through for photo shoots.  Pictured below also is the smallest pub we found in Bury 🙂

IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2386

Happy from sunlight,

the tan bunny ❤


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