On base

I’ve been doing my fair share of being on base to get my paperwork finished for my visa and drivers license.  Like lots of documentation through the military, multiple forms need to be printed and attached so things can be filed properly and go through the correct channels.  I hope that when Mr. comes back to base tomorrow that everything will go through smoothly and I will just have to sit pretty until England needs my biometrics.  The extra zinger is that I need my visa to get a job while I am here.  I am happy that I have jobs on the economy open to me unlike other European stations.  I am slightly bummed that it could take about six months for all the paperwork to go through.  Thanks for changing your visa laws, England.

As a planner / organizer, paper works that require multiple steps throw a kink in my day.  I’m still getting used to not getting things done right away.  Until the system turns digital, which I doubt, I will just have to get used to things going the way they go.

No pix this post,  sorry! not allowed to take them and definitely not allowed to post them.

Feeling top secret,

the tan bunny ❤


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