I passed!

After two full days of briefings and lessons, I passed my driver’s test!  Thank goodness we just had to do a written exam.  I heard that the practical is way more difficult: takers have to drive automatic AND stick shift.  I am very thankful to just have completed the written portion and on the first try…whew!  The offices are closed today, so I will have to wait for my official drivers’ license. Then, I can try out driving with La Rota next week; I’m glad the Mr. has been here since February so he can drive us around to new places.

The transition is pretty good now, my sleep schedule is sort of synchronized to local London time.  I am finding out that naps are my arch-nemesis and as refreshing as they can be immediately after, they are horrible for trying to get a natural rhythm going.  I am finding new things to get myself through that 1400 – 1500 lull, drinking more coffee being one of them :/  I can’t wait to get back to work and back into the swing of “regular” schedule.


I am also exploring the idea of going back to school again for my Master’s degree: Human Relations or Education for Instructional Leadership.  They have an affiliation here with Oklahoma University and I am hoping to figure out what I want to do.  Either that or I can volunteer on base until my visa paperwork is finalized and I can go to work either on base or on the local economy.  Thankfully, we are allowed to work off-base and British people are very accommodating.

Sky high and feeling proud,

the tan bunny ❤


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