Local village life

I went out exploring today to see what exists outside our front door.  We were blessed with a partially cloudy day; the sun was peeking through to say “hello” and thankfully, no rain!   I am loving the peace and tranquility here, being surrounded by mostly farmland and other cottages similar to ours.   As much as I enjoy the peace and quiet, I am looking forward to visiting our nearby cities as well, like Cambridge and Newmarket.

Mr. walking around our neighborhood.
Local post office deposit box
Eats at our local pub, The Golden Boar. This dish is their BBQ ribs with a Stella beer
This is The Crown, another local pub by our house.
I am also studying up for my driver’s test so that I can drive on the British roads.  Some major differences from US roadways are that drivers are on the right side of the car and the left side of the road.  I think that’s going to be a major trip for me mentally and I won’t be able to feel how foreign it is to me until I finally get to start driving on my own.  I hope that it’s not as scary as they say, but roads are quite narrow and there’s horses, cattle, and farm vehicles of which we constantly need to be wary.   Below are some words that I encountered that took some getting used to as I read through the Highway Code.

IMG_2321[1]   IMG_2322[1]

Some words that they use that are different from US:  Yield= Give Way                                                Parking lot=  Car park            Highway= Motorway               Curb= Kerb                                                        Street= Carriageway               Trunk= Boot                             Hood= Bonnet                                                      Sidewalk= Pavement              Windshield= Windscreen         Semi – truck = Lorry

Feeling so British,

the tan bunny ❤


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